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Tips For Maintaining Your Rattan Garden Furniture


Rattan furniture is a great asset to have in a home. The reason is that it provides extra beauty and gives your outdoors a rustic feel. There are both modern and conventional designs that are available and it is all up to you to make your selection. Once you decide on what you want, involve experts in your shopping escapade. They know how to identify the best design and quality. Experts will also help you to find affordable item. But, the fact still remains that the furnishings will cost you a fortune. Therefore, you must do everything in your power to ensure that you do not go back to the shops for new rattan dining set furniture anytime soon. Here are pointers to help you with furniture maintenance.


The first thing to do is determine the type of rattan furniture that you are dealing with. Essentially, there are furnishings that are made of pure rattan. Such are of very high quality and they need extra care. Rattan is a delicate material and must no be exposed to harsh ultraviolet rays as it weakens.  Hence, you should keep it under shade or coat it with sunscreen. You can also use linseed oil to restore dry or cracked furnishings that are not painted. More so, you should put rubber stoppers under the fittings to prevent scuffing once they tough the floor.


Also, use a wet rug to wash out the dirt. Avoid pouring excess water on the rattan because it might rot. Similarly, you can vacuum the furnishings to eliminate the dirt. Also, there are rattan items that are synthetic. These are easy to maintain because they are resilient and cleaning them is not complicated. It is also advisable not to paint natural rattan because that reduces its market value. Check out http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/viyet-8-wild-about-rattan-wicker_us_5989e7bde4b030f0e267c7c6 to understand more about rattan furniture.


You also need to repair any damaged parts. For instance, some parts of your rattan sofa set might break or you might notice some loose nails. You should have a tool box with you to make your repair work easy. Ensure that you fix the damaged area to avoid further destruction. If you ignore doing repairs, you might render your favorite rattan furnishings useless. Also, contact a professional repairer if the damage at hand is complex. The charges of the repair might be high but worth it. Also, you can get reasonable prices if you do a price comparison online. If possible, get a local expert to cut down on transport expenses.